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At Golars, we have cultivated a novel process of excellence

An innovative way of coordinating with your client, team mates in your project starting from the scratch. Enabling you to coordinate with them better and more seamlessly.

Welcome To Golars Networks

We, at Golars Networks, are a professional team of developing cutting-edge applications in the domains of networking and security solutions. Thousands of our clients can testify to the fact that we are a cut above the rest in the fields we specialize in. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction.

An insight into the way we operate

Golars Networks powers companies the world over with its expertise in Networking and Security solutions. We demonstrate as to how we have addressed clients on a variety of issues to give them the winning edge.

Case Studies

A major cloud computing services provider leverages risk evaluation to protect IT assetsGolars Networks fixes system glitches and issues related to compliance and risk


A cloud computing services company was entrusted with assessing and executing a security process lasting for five years. They needed a reliable counsel to provide wise advice by assessing the threats they would encounter, in addition to a collaborator who could come up with prompt solutions across several manufacturers to address the unearthed concerns. Golars Networks managed to don that hat as a third-party troubleshooter the company’s executive team wanted at their disposal. They selected us on the basis of our industry expertise and our capability to perform.


Risk evaluations are a crucial module of any foolproof security program as they allow companies to anticipate and address vital security flaws. This cloud computing service provider needed an evaluation of security risks that would see to it that the company was addressing the security aspirations of their executive team, including the security of risk prone customers, company material and employee database to be subject to abuse, disclosure, adjustment or damage. Our collaboration went beyond the conventional corporate endeavor to include the company’s facilities. As cloud computing companies tend to move forward with networked solution strategies, a humungous number of linked terminals become vulnerable to attacks. Widening security evaluations, stances and strategies to include various types of computing devices, besides the core infrastructure they are linked to, are vital to assuming personal safety, seamless tasks and security of vulnerable data.


The mission of our risk evaluation was to detect and scrutinize probable weaknesses that may be abused by malevolent persons or events using technology. By raising the right questions and comprehending the company’s immediate and long-term requirements, we were able to execute a strategy and risk evaluation by meeting challenging timelines and economic considerations to fix the service providers top threats and detecting results that would fix glitches and issues related to compliance and risk. We discovered that this due to a vulnerability test we conducted that detected several vulnerabilities. After this data was showcased to the customer, it was possible for us to detect various concern areas to concentrate on. Besides presenting the client with an exhaustive account in a detailed report that we identified from the threat scan that would be a serve as a security reference, we also managed to troubleshoot some identified threats.


As the service provider endeavors to bolster security in the future, they found in us an ally that would help them detect and highlight the vulnerabilities they should be concentrating on and how to holistically bring to fruition their security stance depending on the needs of their executive team. We are now collaborating on a long-term strategy with the organization.

Life@Golars Networks

If you want to further your career, join our team. For we visualize on a grand scale and see to it that it is translated into reality. Growth is only quick and rapid here. Play hard, party harder is our mantra.


Golars Networks offers a wide range of services in networking and security. Networking is becoming highly intricate as things transition from LANs and WANS to Cloud computing, DevNet, IOT, SDN, among others. Security entails protecting your valuable IT assets from advanced threats and malicious users. We offer dedicated support on both fronts.


Golars Networks has ATC (Advanced Technology Center) and ITC (Integration Technology Center) in place to offer you topnotch IT services The ATC helps in designing and deploying new-age technology products for clients, collaborators, and employees. On the other hand, the ITC is a setting with cutting-edge networking, protected remote access, and other attendant procedures.

IT Careers

Golars Networks is always driven to offering innovative and state-of-the-art technologies. Doors are always wide open for skilled professionals in networking, security, software development, and other crucial fields. Attractive pay and benefits, exposure, and a dynamic working climate is what we have on offer from trainees to seasoned professionals.

Our courses

CCNA-Routing & Switching Certification Training
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Networking Tools
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MCSE (Windows 7)
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MCSE (Windows Server 2012 R2)
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Desktop Hardware & Networking
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Certified Ethical Hacker v9 (CEH-v9)
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CRT Training
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Check Point (CCSA)
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Palo Alto Firewall Configuration, Management and T
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Managed services have improved our flexibility a great deal and, in turn, helped us increase our inbound sales revenue. Golars Technology has also made us capable of serving more customers, numbers of whom have grown exponentially.

We need to keep improving our state-of the-art R&D computing capabilities so that our personnel fulfill our security assignments. The team at Golars is always ready to embrace new ways of troubleshooting, which helps us support our customers by using the latest in Ethernet technologies.