Annual Day at Golars

Golars Networks, on its annual day, headed to the Leonia Resorts located on the outskirts of the city. Although most employees had heard about the resort and the fun and games it offered, only a few had been there. This day boys, girls, mean and women were dressed in a trendy way. Girls wore minis, salwars or jeans and top while most guys wore t-shirts and jeans with sneakers in tow. Some came on motorcycles or cars, but the others sat in the buses that the company had arranged for them. Buses were more fun’; so many guys abandoned their vehicles at office. Employees travelling in buses could play antakyakshari or chat up with their friends. Of course, they could cheer or scream loudly as this was the day they could unwind themselves along with their bosses. No sooner did the bus reach the resorts, many guys and girls headed to the water world. They had heard so much about it. That the place also did not disappoint them was not a surprise. After a long day, which started at 10 am, things wound up at 10 pm. Another lovely day was caught on cameras and remained in their memories too.