Traditional day at Golars

Golars Networks, a premier networking and security solutions company, celebrated its traditional day in Hyderabadi cum Telugu style. Men and women employees, mostly youngsters, were abuzz with excitement about the activities. There were number of freebies for them; but who would get the iPhone was the question on everybody’s lips. As the CEO, Gangaprasad Narla, walked in, there were loud cheers greeting him. He waved to all his employees who were traditionally attired. There was a ramp show with a difference; men would strut instead of women!! The winner would be crowned Mr.Handsome, and would walk away with some goodies. Then there were lucky lots. Each person had to pick up a folded piece of paper on which his/her gift would be written. Who would bag the big prizes? Everybody rushed to one another, unable to hide their excitement. This was followed by yummy lunch and some speeches. There is no need to mention that selfies were clicked by the dozen. All in all, fun was had by all.